Tourism Faculty’s curriculum includes theoretical lectures along with their practical implications in the Tourism Industry. By benefiting with the hands-on training experience (internship), our students will be equipped with the necessary skills that are required by the Tourism Industry.  After completing the programme that will last 5 years including 1 year prep-school, students will develop skills in subjects ranging from foreign languages to effective communications, problem solving and leadership. The particular aim of the Tourism Management Department is having graduates that will target medium and top level management positions in the Tourism Industry who will be equipped with the necessary skills that are needed by the Industry such as being fluent in minimum of two foreign languages and familiar with the overall Tourism Industry.
Score Type: TM1
Tests to be Taken:
Literature-Geography Test 1 (LYS 3)
Maths-Geometry Test (LYS 1)
Students who will graduate from Tourism Management Department can find employment opportunities in both the public and the private sectors such as hotels, restaurants and other food and beverage enterprises, travel agents, entertainment, recreation and sport companies, air lines, cruise lines and other enterprises that deal with finance and investment in tourism. The recent developments in our country resulted having an increase in number of foreign and domestic companies operating in tourism and that in return increased the need for skilled tourism labour in order to meet the demand. In this context, graduate students of Tourism Faculty at Adana Science and Technology University,  who posses comprehensive knowledge and experience about tourism sector and fluent in at least two foreign languages will be preferred in the labour market.